Intercultural & Diversity Competence

Germany - Italy - Austria - USA

Are you an experienced leader, expatriate, scientist or head an international team? Do you want successful and effective business relationships with people in Italy, Austria, USA or Germany? Without losing your face, or surrendering to interpersonal conflicts and misunderstandings? Do you want to feel more intercultural competent and avoid bad habits? Finally, feel home in the new culture?

As a German-Austrian, I am the third generation after the Second World War. Many years ago, I decided to be aware of my heritage at all levels and to find medicine for the social disease of racism.
In my eight years working and living in foreign cultures, I have experienced first-hand how quickly I prejudge how often I encounter prejudice and how it - without awareness - almost inevitable misunderstandings and conflicts.

Since 2003 I am a passionate bridge-builder between cultures. My vision is a world in which the inclusion of cultural diversity in our living and working worlds is not just a beautiful slogan, but actually lived reality.

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