Intercultural Competence Training

Trust in international relations

You are an experienced Expatriate, Scientist or Leader working with an international team, in Germany, Italy, Austria or the USA?
You want to avoid misunderstandings and become more confident in international, professional settings?
You want to build sucessful professional and interpersonal relationships – with integrity?

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September 2019

27th/28th September & 2nd October
Intercultural Training for Incoming Exchange Students
University of Applied Sciences Cologne/Germany

Juni 2019
14th/15th/22nd June
Intercultural Projectmanagement
University Düsseldorf

May 2019

24th/25th May & 2nd June
International Teamtraining
University Düsseldorf

April 2019

27th April & 3rd/4th May
Intercultural Germany-USA-China Training
Cologne University of Applied Sciences

28th March
Intercultural Training for International Incoming Scientist
Bochum University

March 2019

23./29./30. März
Intercultural Training for international Exchange students
Cologne University of Applied Sciences

18th March
Intercultural USA Training
Wolfsburg, VW

16th March
Workshop for Grandchildren of WW2 – Kriegsenkel e.V.

February 2019

21st & 26th February & 1st March
Intercultural Germany Training

4th February
Intercultural USA Training

22. Januar & 1. Febaruar
Intercultural Germany Training

January 2019

16th & 30th January
Intercultural Training for the contact with International Students
University Bochum, Administration