Dr. phil. Iris Wangermann

German-Austrian I Diploma in Intercultural Business Communication & Psychology I Intercultural & Diversity Competence Trainer since 2003 I In the human resources and organizational development of international companies and universities I Bottom-up Facilitator & Guide I Eight years working, living & studying in Italy, Austria and the USA I Moderator I Speaker I Coach I Consultant I Interims Professor of Intercultural Business Communication 2012-2014 I Visionfast Guide in Nature I (Cross) Thinker I Empathic I Detail-Freak with Vision I Likes daily meditation in motion - yoga and peaceful martial arts Aikido I Researcher Soul I Nature lover I Mover & Shaker

My message is that peace on earth is possible. My aim is to bring light into the darkness of our history and free our societies from racism and xenophobia.
My strength and passion as a psychologist are to create secure workspaces for groups, teams, and individuals. My work leads to sustainable transformations because I invite you to work on the roots of your topics. I am very good at detecting and mirroring unhealthy relationships and structures in systems and in developing solutions together with my clients. You will feel motivated and inspired, get more clarity, even teams will regain their strength and balance.

My passion is working with groups. I love creating secure spaces where you can work bottom-up on your topics. At the same time, I sometimes provoke lovingly and question your cultural reality. I work with ..

  • Accurate problem analysis and accurate information/research results so you can figure out relationships.
  • Many practical exercises and living examples. Focus is on the implementation.
  • Personal examples and experiences.
  • Interactive methods and aha experiences.
Work experience
  • 07/2003 - today: Self-employed as Intercultural Competence Trainer
    • 50% for international executives, team leaders and expatriates
    • 50% for international scientists and students
  • 09 / 2012-08 / 2014: Interim Professor Intercultural Business Communication, HAW Hamburg.
    • 8-12 hours apprenticeship / week in Foreign Trade & International Management.
  • 08 / 2004-02 / 2009: Senior Consultant, Syklight GmbH. Business Consulting International Business Communication.
    • Three studies on the quality of intercultural and language training from the point of view of German personnel developers. One for the Stiftung Warentest.
  • 10 / 2000-05-2001: Project Coordinator Euro-PhD, Sapienzá University of Rome.
  • 02 / 1998-07 / 2000: Consultant T-mobile. Graz / Austria. Customer Communication.
Supervised Theses