Feedback – Companies

Interkulturelles Österreich Training

I especially liked your very friendly, open and relaxed way of working. Your deep knowledge of Austria impressed me. You made it so easy for us to ask questions. At a point, our conversation became like one between friends.
I especially liked your very personal and special way of answering questions and working with our expectations. And you understood very quickly which topics were important to us and which not. Your personal way of breaking the ice at the beginning, is really strong. Also: you are extremely flexible in dealing with little challenges in our training room.
I very much enjoyed our time together and time went by so fast. Afterwards, we both felt, that we took more from the training, than we thought would be possible.
(Uwe Giessing, German CFO Lufthansa, Salzburg/Österreich)

Interultural Germany Training – 3M

I was fortunate to have Dr. Iris Wangemann as my Expat Coach during my transition to Germany. Not only she has a great knowledge of the culture and the worklife in Germany and Europe, but she is open and candid, and didn’t hesitate to answer any of our questions. We were offered a complete view of what is life here, how to better relate to the local teams and social life, but also offering advise on how not to lose ones self identity. I highly recommend her for Intercultural Training.
Camila Cruz Durlacher/Brazil. Safety & Graphics Business – Group Laboraator Head, 3M EMEA.

Intercultural Germany Training – 3M

During the 2 days training, we have the chance to present ourselves (“Who we are?”, “where we come from?”, “What we do now?”, “What is/are our passion(s)?”, “What is/are our challenge(s)?”, “What is our previous abroad experience?” …) and to express our needs, broadly. Iris has also presented herself as German/Austrian person with a lovely life composed of great international experiences by living in different countries (Italy, USA, Germany).

After this nice introduction where we feel comfortable to share more about us, the presentation starts with the basics. “What is Culture?”, “How people play with their culture?”, “How to understand the gap between different culture?”. The work done by Iris (intercultural specialist) is very documented and she is well prepared. The presentation support and format is well designed (mix of text, video, reading, exercises) that force you to think about these interesting concepts and is really not boring.

Iris bring us a lot of tips for our daily life like “Where to go to buy staff?”, “How to meet new people?”, “where to find a doctor?“, “explanation of administrative staff” … Based on her strong experiences as and with expats, Iris is able to give you the relevant answer or to send you the right document or even to have a phone call for you to help you resolving your current challenges.

This intercultural training was beneficial for me and my wife where the content is well balance between daily life, business, culture, history that helped us to have a global picture of the country where we are living.

After the 2 sessions, Iris sent us a recap with a lot of documents and links where to find answer to our questions. This recap helps us to have all we need in one email and to be able to find it again later.

To summarize, we feel proud of our move/life after Iris’s visit that help us understand the challenge we have faced in the first months after our relocation. I’ve to say that we achieved the intercultural training after 10 months in our new country. This experience already in the country helped us to have interesting discussion about the rules and intercultural difference that we have already experienced and the feeling that we have concerning these intercultural differences.

To be very honest, 1 Day before the training, we were sceptic about what we can learn in this training. At the end of the training, we were enthusiastic, and we were very delighted to have the chance to attend this intercultural training done by Iris. We learnt a ton of interesting facts that give us the keys to interact in our new country and to accentuate our forces with our identity. Finally, we feel re-energized and motivated!
Pierre-Alexandre Bourgeois & his wife/France. Specialist Product Development Engineer, 3M


Intercultural Germany Training

I worked in Berlin for few months in 2017, and had an opportunity to take an intercultural training with Iris.
Iris was a very good facilitator. She helped understand culture differences between my home country and Germany by using a lot of scenario and showing real cases. Furthermore, she guided me how to explore the powerful cultural values that lead to the very visible differences in the way people interact socially and at work.
I was very happy to have Iris and I also recommend my other colleagues to take the training with Iris because it is worth is.
(Mayco Tsai, Digital Strategy Manager, Bayer/Taiwan)

Intercultural Austria Training
Sie haben es mit dem Seminar geschafft, Begeisterung für ein Thema zu entfachen, dass bisher tendenziell eher als belastend empfunden wurde. Nun ist sportlicher Ehrgeiz geweckt, mit dem Gelernten Erfolge im täglichen Umgang mit unseren Kunden und Geschäftspartnern aus dem Nachbarland zu erzielen. Hätten wir früher geahnt, dass es so eine wirkungsvolle wie auch begeisternde Trainingsmöglichkeit zum Überkommen deutsch-österreichischer Mentalitätsunterschiede/Herausforderungen gibt, hätten wir das Training schon vor 15 Jahren angesetzt (und seitdem mehrfach für neue Mitarbeiter wiederholt).

Für uns sind Sie die eine hervorragende Trainerin für diesen Bereich, weil

  • Sie aufgrund Ihres eigenen Hintergrundes beide Nationalitäten/Sichtweisen/Mentalitäten authentisch und glaubwürdig verkörpern
  • Sie unser Team die Unterschiede und möglichen Brücken zwischen den beiden Mentalitäten basierend auf real geschehenen Fallbeispielen haben erarbeiten lassen
  • Sie mit einer sehr sympathischen, dynamischen und auch unterhaltsamten Art das Thema angegangen sind
  • Sie verschiedenste Methoden und Medien ins Seminar eingebunden haben, so dass es abwechslungsreich blieb
  • Sie zwar auch theoretisches Hintergrundwissen eingebracht haben, aber die pragmatischen Lösungsansätze für konkrete Situationen im Vordergrund standen
  • Und nicht zuletzt: Sie das Training akzentfrei auf Hochdeutsch durchgeführt haben 😉

(Tanja Brandt (Geschäftsführerin, Travelplus Group GmbH)

Feedback – Universities

Intercultural Germany Training for International Incomings

“You are a great professional. The training was dynamic and helpful. The conduction was always good and unstressed, specially when time of activities is near of finish. You are patient and kind. You are an excellent conductor.”
Prof. E. de F.C., Universitdade Federal do Rio grande do norte/Brasil. Intercultural Germany training/Universität Bochum/Welcome Center)

„You are an excellent trainer. You know how to make participants active throughout the day. I really valued that you don´t know only about the German culture, but also about many different other cultures. Keep contiuning your training. It is very helpful.”
(Maruf Lutfur from Bangladesh,Doctoral researcher Universität Bochum. Intercultural Germany training. Univ. Bochum/Welcome Center).“

“The training was perfect in any sense. I personally learned a lot about German University education, and cultural issues. What I liked about the trainer and her training style: all!”
(Prof. Milan Matijevic, from Serbia. Intercultural Germany Training, Bochum University)

“I am taking home from this training lots of ideas and perspectives and most important: how to put them into practice. I really like Iris´ facilitation style and her straight forward and practical methods. It was always interactice, clear and funny. I really understand the German culture much better now and can put things into practice. Thank you!”
(Dr. Sabrina Intelisano, Italian Philosophy researcher. Intercultural Germany Training, Bochum University)

Intercultural Germany Training für gefährdete Incoming WissenschaftlerInnen

“Dr. Iris Wangermann hat ein IK Deutschland Training für gefährdete Incoming Forschende eigens für diese Zielgruppe angeboten, welches exakt den Nerv der TeilnehmerInnen getroffen und uns dadurch sehr weitergeholfen hat.”
(Leiterin, International Office).

„I am very much satisfied with the training. Both the trainer and the methods she has utilised were very helpful and super functional. I am particularly impressed by her performance to motivate us for further participation, show our potential and creativity.
I am planning to continue my academic career in Germany. Therefore I am paying so much effort to know, learn about this community. This training is very helpful for my aim. When our International Office offered me this chance, I did not hesitate to do it.“ (Türkischer Professor für Ökonomie, Intercultural Germany Training)

„ I really like the sincere effort to explain the facts and giving enough time to the discussions, and sharing mutual understanding of cultures specifications. Thank you so much for everything. I came to the training, because I want to get the maximum knowledge about the German culture. To be able to live and work with the Germans in a proper way. To really include into this society.“
(Syrischer Forscher, Intercultural Germany Training)

„This training was a great chance to better know about the German culture and compare it with our culture and values. It really is a great asset for better communication and cooperation with the German colleagues. I really wish to understand the Germans. This is what made me come to the training. I found it very interesting, how the trainer used her methods. She used pictures, Videos and group-discussions for every point. The training methods were comprehensive with good theory and very practical for everyday-life.“
(Syrischer Professor für Wirtschaft, Intercultural Germany Training)

Intercultural Competence Training for international PhD students in Germany

I am taking home the intercultural competencies and will continue to work with them. I could better understand the German culture, due to the workshop. I believe I can now solve the problems or concerns I had towards German Objectivism/Task-Orientation and direct speech. I feel like I got new tools to better integrate myself into the German society.
I found the games (both the interview cards and the dice game) really functional, because they made me refelct about deep topics. I will try to adapt my emotional response towards German behavior on a regular basis. I really enjoyed the dynamic style and the way; the trainer managed herself to make us interact with each other.
(Pablo Cataldo, Phd student, Marburg University)

From this training I am taking home, to be more tolerant about differences. The training helped me to understand other groups (nations, societies, ..) better and deeper.
I really enjoyed the games. The dice game went really deep and I am going to write about it, to my friends. Iris is great and very well organized. I really enjoyed and learnt a lot. Without thinking too much about the time!
(Elyas Pirasteh, Iranian PhD student, Marburg University).

I am taking home from the training a lot of really important about the general German culture and their way of working. This is most useful for me. Till today I never faced any problems or challenges, as I just arrived. But I´ve learned a lot of good experiences and stories. This will help me to avoid further problems.
I enjoyed the games and sharing experiences very useful for my learning in this course.
And I very much liked the open discussion activities.
(Bathnyambuu Dashpurev, Indian PhD student, Marburg University).

From the training I am taking home to be more open-minded and to keep asking questions. The main problem the training solved: I had a lot of misunderstanding of the German culture.
I really enjoyed playing games and the group tasks. I will adapt both. I enjoyed, that Iris used games and tasks to pass the message.
Stephen Momanyi, Kenian PhD student, Marburg University).

The training was a very valuable asset for my coming life in Germany. I enjoyed the dice game and the email evaluation.
The training solved cultural issues. Integration with Germans and non-Germans too. How to address a senior, how to write emails.
The dice-game light shed the issue of cultural integration and shows how to solve them, though observing others and through inquiring.
Frau Iris was fantastic. She is a very dynamic Trainer and she builds the structure of this workshop very tactfully and intellectually.
(Fakhta Zeib, Phd student, Marburg University).

I am taking home a lot of insight knowledge about cultural differences. To put yourself into the shoes of the other, before judging.
Most useful for me were the games and situations –> the practical way of learning.
Iris is very structured and intelligent to deliver different methods and thoughts, organized to keep the Agenda and humble.
(Mohammed, Egyptian PhD student, Marburg University).

I am taking home acceptance and tolerance and a better understanding of the German culture and myself.
The training helped me to understand the general behavior, rules, individualism and “coldness” of Germans.
I enjoyed playing and learning by examples and experiences. The lectures and readings. Also to create the posters and use pictures (I love to draw).
About Iris and her training style I liked: easy communication. Friendly and kind. Creativity and imagination. Excellent Coach!
(Lirey, Venezuelan PhD student, Marburg University).

I am taking home from the training: tolerance, acceptance and that we are so much different and yet the same. I understood, that every culture is different. The training solved the following problems I had before: being more rational and less emotional. Trying to understand people´s point of view without pre-judgment and being more empathic. I found the games most useful and taking notes from the longer, more in-depth texts. I will try to be more empathic! I thought Iris as a trainer was AMAZING! I think I am lucky I had the chance to get sich a professional training. This experience will accompany me forever.
(Alice, Iranian Phd student, Marburg University)

Intercultural Training “Making it in Germany”

The training helped me to see people from another perspective. To not judge people based on my background. I found the methods useful: learning by doing it. About Iris and her training sytle I liked, that she was on top of content and her awareness about us. Kowledge is something and delivering it is something else. She was great to deliver her knowledge to us.
(Mehrbod, International Student, Universität Siegen).

I am taking home more confidence to ask questions. More awareness about perception and avoiding misinterpretations. Information about German Individualism and how to mail. I found the games (easy to remember and to keep in mind) and group works most useful. I enjoyed the techniques to remember the information and the sharing of real life experiences.
(Temurben Khasanban, International student Usbekistan, Universität Siegen)

I am taking home from the training to ask more questions and be more pro-active. I found most useful the open minded atmosphere with many different perspectives. And the knowledge about multi-culture. The training solved the problems: Deutsch culture understanding. How to write Emails. I am going to adapt a more direct communication and found the teamwork presentations and games most useful. I liked about iris: supportive, creative, patient, friendly, knowledgable, experienced. The training style: attractive, cool.
(Nguyen Thi Ngol, Vietnamese International Student, Siegen University)

Most useful for me was to understand 1) ask doesn´t mean that u are stupid. 2) Culture has a background 3) Tolerance always good. The problems this training solved: my questions about typical German people thinking style. That Individualism is not Egoism. I really enjoy the group work.
(Zhenmei Shin, Chinese International Student, Siegen University)

For me it was most useful to see from different persons perspectives. And the German way of thinking. The training solved for me the problems: the issue of asking questions, when help is needed. The games and poster presentations were unique and helpful, because it is more impactful. I liked how the thraining was programmed/arranged and the methods involved in it.
(Abhikesh, International Student, Siegen University)
For me it was most useful to learn more about the Germany way of thinking. The training supported me to aproach people amd ask questions.
I really enjoyed the games and practical examples. About Iris I liked how she easily explained complicated concepts.
(Merhbod, International Student, Siegen University)

Intercultural Training for International Incomings I International & Intercultural Teamwork I Interkulturelle USA, China, Polen & Deutschland Trainings

“Sie sind seit vielen Jahren eine sehr geschätzte Trainer*in in der Kompetenzwerkstatt und bereichern durch unterschiedliche Seminare  in englischer und deutscher Sprache unser Seminarprogramm. Sie sind stets sehr gut organisiert und helfen uns durch Ihre Ideen unser Programm weiterzuentwickeln.
Die Studierenden schätzen an Ihnen die offene und freundliche Art, die abwechslungsreiche Gestaltung Ihrer Seminare, dass Sie aktives Lernen in den Seminaren ermöglichen und dass an Fallbeispielen gearbeitet wird. Wir sind sehr froh, Sie als Trainer*in bei uns zu haben.”
(Anna Gähl, Leitung Kompetenzwerkstatt)

I trained employees of the following companies

  • American Tower
  • Bayer
  • Bosch
  • Böllhoff AG & Co. KG
  • Covestro
  • ITT Cannon
  • Kennametal Mailand, Italien
  • Lufthansa
  • Metro AG
  • Otto Bock
  • Penny
  • Porsche
  • Renolit
  • Rewe Group
  • Saint Gobain
  • Travel Works
  • ThyssenKrupp AG
  • Volkswagen & Volkswagen Financial Services

Universities and scientific institutions