Inclusive Leadership I VirtuelleS & Präsenztraining

Reflektieren und erweitern Sie Ihre Kenntnisse, Kompetenzen und Haltungen in Bezug auf inklusive Führung.

Mögliche Ziele

  • Kenntnisse erweben im Bereich inklusive Führung
  • Kenntnisse erwerben über Unconscious Bias, Stereotype, Vorurteile und Mechanismen von Ausgrenzung
  • Die Fähigkeit stärken inklusive oder ausgrenzende Verhaltensmuster zu identifizieren
  • Ihre Fähigkeit stärken inklusive zu handeln
  • Die eigenen Erfahrungen bezüglich inklusivem Führungsstil reflektieren




International PhD Students and Post-Doc Scientists at Stuttgart University

" I would absolutely recommend this Workshop to others, both due to the amount of personal growth it offers and the natural bond you form with the others taking the course."

"I especially liked the atmosphere, the peer-group, and the instructor. Iris created a safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable and in turn, allowed me to grow. I also loved learning from the experiences of the others."

"This Workshop is important for everyone working in a team. To reflect upon their experiences and leadership skills and learn. Inclusive Leadership is a gap at the University in so many ways and particularly for tenures Prof., It should be absolutely mandatory. The course more than exceeded expectations."

"I liked the small group activities and how well they were structured."

"Iris created a protected atmosphere full of trust, so that a very effective work on personal cases was possible." "